Pomegranate Seed

Pomegranate juice is a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols with different mechanisms that enhance human health. Pomegranate juice reduces blood pressure. A study on 21 volunteers with hypertension showed that Daily consumption of fresh pomegranate juice makes a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic pressure. Pomegranate juice consumption prevents serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity and decreases systolic blood pressure. Fresh pomegranate juice also can decrease the level of VCAM-1 and also it can increase E-Selecti. Researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburg, Scotland showed that drinking pomegranate juice can help control blood pressure, Express UK reported. In the study, when a number of people drank 500 ml (16 ounces) of pomegranate juice a day for four weeks, there was a remarkable decrease in blood pressure for 90 percent of the group.  Pomegranate juice has long been related to blood pressure regulation, due to its potassium, sodium and folic acid content. ACE is an enzyme that enhances blood pressure by a protein called angiotensin II. This protein makes your blood vessels to tighten. Pomegranate juice acts as a normal ACE stopper. In one case, pomegranate juice decreases ACE by 36 percent and reduced systolic blood pressure. But before you go to the store to buy a case of pomegranate juice, consult your doctor, because the sour juice has been known to negate or create dangerous side effects when it interacts with certain types of drugs and then it can be harmful to you.