Pomegranate Seed

Pomegranate is tropical fruit with a thick outer skin and small, juicy seeds inside. The seeds are often enfolded for their juice, which is bright red, syrupy and flavorful. Pomegranate juice is a good source of calories from carbohydrates.

Pomegranate is a nutritious and appealing fruit which offers various health profits. One pomegranate of 3-3/8 inch diameter weighing around 154 grams comprehends around 105 calories. The total fat content in an equal amount pomegranate is 0.5 gram which contains 0.1 gram each of saturated fat content, monounsaturated fat content and polyunsaturated fat content. The total sodium content in it is 5 mg. It also has carbohydrate content of 26.4 grams.

Except from its raw form, the juiced form of pomegranate is also very popular and similarly healthy. The amount of calorie content in this form is obviously different from the raw form of pomegranate. Great amount of the calories in pomegranate juice are obtained from carbohydrates. One cup serving of pomegranate juice contains 139 calories out of which as many as 132 calories extracted from fat, 6 of them come from fats and just one calories is obtained from the protein content available in this juice. It is noticed that 1 cup of pomegranate juice offers 7 percent of the suggested daily consumption of calories in an adult.

In more detailed information, the U.S. Department of Agriculture states that a 1-cup serving of pomegranate juice delivers 139 calories. About 132 calories come from carbohydrates, 6 calories come from fats and approximately 1 calorie comes from protein.