Pomegranate Seed

The aril is actually the seed pod inside a pomegranate.The peel of the pomegranate is very bulky and inedible, but there are hundreds of edible seeds within that they are called arils.The arils are what people eat. The pomegranate arils are also very fresh and sugary, one cup of pomegranate arils contains 24 grams of sugar and 144 calories.These arils consist of juicy, brilliant red fruit surrounding tiny, crisp, edible seeds.Most people just eat the seeds or arils of a pomegranate. The juicy and nutritious arils gust with flavor as you eat them, and one pomegranate can contain over 600 arils! You can also eat the creamy white pithy part surrounding the arils, but it’s quite a sec. Just in case you’re tempted to try to eat or juice the whole pomegranate— you absolutely don’t want to try to eat the tough outer skin. Pomegranate arils are also applied to make pomegranate seed oil, which has many positive health effects both internally and externally.

Pomegranate arils Nutrition Facts

One serving (87 grams) — 1/2 cup — of pomegranate seeds contain nutrition facts as below: They contain 72 calories, 16.3 grams carbohydrates, 1.5 grams protein, 1 gram lipid, 3.5 grams fiber, 11.9 grams sugar, 14.3 micrograms vitamin K (17.9 percent DV), 8.9 milligrams vitamin C (14.8 percent DV), 33 micrograms folate (8.3 percent DV), 205 milligrams potassium (5.9 percent DV), 0.07 milligram vitamin B6 (3.5 percent DV) and 31 milligrams phosphorus (3.1 percent DV). So they are very rich.

Pomegranate arils benefits

Animal testing shows that pomegranate arils may decrease the onset and incidence of collagen-induced arthritis. Studies conducted with animal subjects also demonstrate that the intensity of arthritis and joint inflammation were significantly decreased with consumption of pomegranate arils. Also when we talk about cancer, more and more research demonstrate that pomegranate arils are a potent cancer-fighting food. Pomegranate has been displayed to perform anti tumor effects on various types of cancer cells.