Frozen Pomegranate Aril


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Frozen Pomegranate Aril Characteristics

  • Product:  Frozen Pomegranate Aril
  • State: Frozen
  • Color: Red
  • Quality: 100 % Organic and Natural, Raw, without any Additives or Preservatives
  • Shelf Life: One Year
  • Storage Temperature: - 18 C
  • Country of Origin: Iran, the world's largest producer (according to FAO & World Bank)
  • Packaging Details: Plastic Vacuum 10-kilogram Packets.
  • Usage: Added to Foods, Desserts, Drinks and also Direct Consumption
  • Availability: In Stock


The Benefits of Frozen Pomegranate Aril

Frozen pomegranate aril is a rich source of vitamin C, B5, K, potassium, fiber, zinc, pantothenic acid, and antioxidants so its regular consumption prevents heart disease and breast cancer, reduces cholesterol levels, and blocks cell damage. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces the risk of hardened arteries, regulates blood sugar; it causes no weight gain and it has a very low amount of fat.


Frozen Pomegranate Aril Recipe

Frozen pomegranate aril is delicious, natural, healthy, juicy, sweet & sour and it is rich of valuable nutrients. Frozen pomegranate aril is used in different meals, beverage and desserts. Frozen pomegranate arils are often added to salads, desserts or they are eaten directly out of the packet.


Frozen Pomegranate Aril Sale

Iran has been known as the largest producer of pomegranate in the world. Our gardeners annually harvest fresh pomegranate fruits weighting over 670,000 MTs. ARIO Pomegranate Co sells frozen arils of pomegranate with best quality, appropriate packing of vacuum plastic and ship them to all five continents of the world.



Frozen Pomegranate Aril Market

We provide you frozen pomegranate arils of PREMIER quality and ship them to all five continents of the world. Our main markets include Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, New Zealand, Middle East, Australia, Russia and USA.



Frozen Pomegranate Aril Manufacturers& Suppliers

We are one of the main suppliers & manufacturers and one of the most experienced exporters of frozen pomegranate aril in the world. Our frozen pomegranate arils are nutritious, delicious and safe. Since all of our activities including harvesting Iranian fresh pomegranates, washing, seeding, sorting, packaging, detecting metals, fumigating inspects and loading into containers all are under direct control of international organizations for quality control.

We will guarantee the quality of our frozen pomegranate arils because our main goal is to supply and export products with the best quality and purity to satisfy our customers. Our frozen pomegranate seeds are 100 % organic, 100 % natural and rich of valuable nutrients.

Trust us and we will perform your orders, and we know that we are judged by our performance, so we strive for your trust.