The Quality System

Ario fruit co is focused on consistently providing excellent product and excellent service for its customers. The Ario System, the integrated production and distribution system used to deliver the world’s best Pomegranate and products of it such as Pomegranate Seed, Dried Pomegranate Aril, Frozen Pomegranate Aril, Pomegranate Seed Oil to consumers worldwide. For us it’s absolutely vital that our fruits and products of them meet the most stringent quality and environmental standards.

For this reason, Ario Pomegranate Co is as one of the main suppliers & manufacturers and one of the most experienced exporters of Pomegranate Seeds trust with its products and try to be trust in this way.

Ario Pomegranate Seed co is proud to have a comprehensive quality system for every stage in the production process: Picking, management, washing, seeding, sorting to freeze or dry or press-oil and storage, packing, and loading into container.

Finally, we know that we are judged by performance so in these years we tried to be trusted in this way. From the very start of our business, our main passion and interest was to get our Customers satisfaction who mostly are multinational companies in the food industry so deliver the highest quality of Pomegranate Seed to our customers and we made this passion our tagline “Our Reputation is Quality”. And this simple tagline symbolizes our philosophy to this day - satisfied customers through the highest quality products and an honest, straightforward business/customer relationship.

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