Pomegranate Seed

One way is removing the seeds of it. Choose a pomegranate that has thin, tough, and unbroken peel. The heavier the pomegranate is, the juicier it will be. Cut off its crown with a sharp knife. Mark the pomegranate with cuts as if you are going to break it into quarters. Wet it in cold water. The water will weaken the seeds to make them easier to gather. When the pomegranate is under water, gently pull fruit away into quarters. Get your fingers through each quarter slice to begin separating the seeds. Scoop the seeds up which should mostly be floating on the top of the water. After that allow dry for 5 minutes. Now it is ready for eating .also you can store them. You can lay them flat in a dish and refrigerate them for up to three days, or freeze them for up to six months. Also you can add the pomegranate seeds to a variety of soups. These seeds can add the right kick to a normal soup .you can Make a pomegranate soup or Make a vegetarian pomegranate soup with them. Another way of eating pomegranate is that Add pomegranate seeds to a type of salads. Pomegranate seeds will add a bite to a variety of salads, from fruit salads to traditional green salads. For example, add pomegranate seeds to a salad of roasted butternut squash, spinach, and feta cheese or add them to a salad of walnuts, goat cheese, and spinach. You can also make a fruit salad of papaya, pomegranate seeds, and mango. In addition, you can add the pomegranate seeds to a variety of drinks. Pomegranate can add a unique and tangy taste to a variety of smoothies, alcoholic beverages, and juices. All you have to do is put the seeds in a blender until they are liquefied and then pour the liquid through a filter. And so on.